NEVER Grill Meat, Unless You Do This…Great Advice for your Fat Loss Diet

If you love a good barbecue you must read this article below by my friend and Nutrition Specialist, Mike Geary.  It shows you some really important info about carcinogenic compounds that are found in that grilled meat that we all love.  But don’t worry, Mike also shows you the exact trick you need that eliminates these cancer-causing compounds while still enjoying your barbecue!

NEVER Grill Meat, Unless You Do This
by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of Best Seller:  The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Most people aren’t aware that when you cook meat (whether it’s grilled, broiled, or seared) there are carcinogenic compounds that can form called HCA’s (heterocyclic amines).  Now don’t panic…you ingest various carcinogens all the time, even with some vegetables. You can always protect yourself with more antioxidants.

Please Note:  When you cook meat in a water base as opposed to grilling, broiling, or searing, you eliminate the harmful HCAs. So for example, meats cooked in a soup, or meats cooked in a crock pot will not have the problem of the carcinogenic HCAs and is a healthier way to cook meat.

But let’s face it… grilled meat tastes awesome and there’s no way I’m giving up my grass-fed steak from the grill, or my grass-fed burgers!

That’s why it’s important to know that there’s a way you can use spices to both counteract, and also drastically reduce the carcinogens formed when you grill meat…

Here’s the trick:

If you’re going to grill meats, marinating meats for at least several hours beforehand in liquid mixtures that contain rosemary and other herbs/spices can dramatically help to reduce HCA’s (heterocyclic amines), which are those carcinogenic compounds that can form when meats are grilled.  It appears that the highly potent antioxidants in these herbs prevent HCA formation.  So using rosemary, thyme, garlic, oregano and other spices in a meat marinade before grilling meats can drastically reduce any carcinogens that normally would form on grilled meat and give you a healthier meal, that’s also very tasty!

The antioxidants in rosemary and thyme from a marinade were specifically cited in studies at being powerful inhibitors of HCA formation when grilling meats.  But it was also noted that other spices such as garlic, oregano, and others can help to prevent HCA formation as well, so I suggest using a variety, which tastes great anyway!

One more important point about grilling meat:

Remember that the more well-done a meat is cooked, the higher concentration of carcinogenic HCA’s can form, so rare, medium-rare, or medium are healthier choices than well-done.  I’ve never understood why anybody would want to ruin a good steak by burning it to oblivion anyway.  But hey, if you’re one of those folks that likes your steaks well-done, just remember that you’re eating a lot more carcinogens than a steak that’s cooked less, so make sure to load up on your antioxidants (spices, teas, berries, etc) to help combat those extra carcinogens.

Washing down your barbequed meal with a glass of unsweetened iced tea (rich in antioxidants) and also a good salad with lots of raw veggies can provide the antioxidants needed to counteract the effect of HCAs in your body from grilled meat.

By the way, even charring vegetables on the grill creates different carcinogens such as acrylamides, so don’t think that the negative effect of charring only applies to meats.

Hey, we all love a great barbeque, so no need to give that up just because of HCAs or acrylamides, but at least now you know how to counteract the effects of these in your body to protect yourself, and also how to use spices to drastically reduce the formation of HCAs on grilled meat!

Enjoy that next barbeque in a healthier way!

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Change Your Routine for Success on Your Fat Loss Diet

Let me tell you about my friend Omar.  Omar owns the breakfast cart down the street from my office.  He’s a very friendly guy, always greets me with a smile and knows my order – ham and eggs on a whole wheat bagel.  Street food carts are part of the culture here in NY – even more than Austin, TX – and you can frequently get good, fresh food for better prices than you would in a local deli.  Not to mention that Omar is on my way from the subway to my building – super convenient!

But I recently decided to tighten up a little, so I had to make a change.  My schedule has led to me making some not-so-great food choices and my workouts have been less frequent, and I had gotten a little soft.  I also have something motivating me to get my act together, but more on that later. 

I knew Omar and I had to stop meeting each other like this – so I changed my route to get to work.  Instead of the way I always walk to work, I immediately cross the street and avoid the lure of Omar altogether.  He’ll survive without me, and for the short term, until I get back to where I want to be, I’ll live without him too.  Sometimes something simple like changing your route to work will force you into a better decision and you’ll forego the temptations that convenience provides.  So if you see Omar say hello for me – tell him I’ll stop by in the spring.

Tex Mex Mini Meat Loaves for Your Fat Loss Diet

It doesn’t get much shorter or sweeter than this! ;-)

Here’s an awesome recipe from my partners at Prograde Nutrition.

Tex Mex Mini Meat Loaves

Just looking at the picture of the finished recipe is making my mouth water.

- Enjoy!

PS – If you enjoy that recipe, well, they’ve got 196 more of them here

Don’t Overthink Your Fat Loss Diet

In case you don’t follow baseball, Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees recently hit the 600th home run of his career which is a major milestone for him personally as well as historically – only six other players have reached that milestone in their careers.  But, it took A-Rod (as he’s known in the sports world) 46 at bats to go from home run number 599 to home run number 600, almost 2 weeks worth of games. 

Undoubtedly there was a lot of pressure from the attention – fans packed the stands and snapped lots of photos with every pitch and swing.  But my guess is A-Rod suffered from overthinking paralysis – how else could you do something 599 other times in your career with relative ease and then, all of a sudden, not be able to do it?  I think (and I’m not a pyschotherapist) that he was focused on everything but what he gets paid to do, and what he is best at – hitting the ball as hard and far as he could.

The same thing happened to me yesterday on the golf course.  I got over the ball after looking at the hole layout, and was getting ready to do what I had done thousands of times – hit the ball as long and as hard as I could.  But I started to think about my tempo, the distance to the far end of the fairway (it was a dogleg right), and I decided to reposition myself slightly and hit toward the trees that were lining the fairway, thinking I could cut the dogleg and pick up a stroke.  What did I do? I caught the very top of the tree (a very strong branch, by the way) which forced the ball down and left me with an awful second shot.  Result?  I got a bogey when I thought I could cut the dogleg and go for birdie.

Alright, so what does all of this have to do with fat loss?  Well it is pretty simple.  I got emails from people asking “what is the best X for losing fat?” – you can replace X with exercise, protein, diet, cardio or a host of other words.  We suffer from what I call the Consumer Reports culture – need to know the reviews, information, etc. before we act.

The problem is that most people never end up acting.  Fat loss is really, really simple for most people:

  • Eat less
  • Move more

Unless you are a world class athlete, body builder, or someone who relies on their appearance for income, then this is all you really need to know.  Don’t overthink it – it really is that simple.

Most people who I have worked with have kept a food diary at the very beginning to see exactly what they were eating.  More often than not, it revealed that most people ate 1.5 – 2 times the number of calories that they needed per day to maintain their weight – said another way, they were eating twice the amount of food that they really needed.

A really simple way to get started?  Cut your meals in half – eat half a muffin for breakfast, eat half a sandwich for lunch, and cut your dinner portions in half.  Fill in the gaps with an apple or handful of broccoli, drink some more water and see if you miss the extra food.  Monitor your scale weight before and after and see what happens in 14 short days.  As you progress you will need to refine your program, but for most people, this is an easy way to get started without spending a ton of time or money.

How do you move more?  For me, I strapped my golf bag to my back and walked 18 holes yesterday.  Lugging 30 pounds for over 4 miles was a good workout, but it wasn’t a dedicated workout – it was a way to move more while doing something I loved.  Take your kids or pets for a walk, swim some laps while lounging at the pool, play a little soccer in the backyard, skip the subway and walk to work.  You don’t have to join a gym or buy an infomercial gadget – just stop watching TV and go do something!